Problems with BIOS

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Problems with BIOS

Post by Sebastian » Thu May 03, 2018 10:37 am


I recently bought a Kangaroo Mini PC to use with my tv. So I'm pretty satisfied with my Kangaroo, but I only got to use it for a couple of hours before I had to do a format because I accidentally installed it in czechish(I'm danish and don't understand a single word of czech). Something apparently went wrong, and I have to make a complete reinstall (when booting, the kangaroo logo comes up, disappears and then it seems the Kangaroo is rebooting in an endless loop) It's not so much of a problem since I have a USB-stick with Win10 lying around, but I have problems with BIOS. I can easily enter and navigate when I press F2 to acces the normal BIOS. No problems there. However when I press F10 to enter my boot settings, my arrow keys doesn't work. I can press F1 for help, ESC etc, but the arrow keys doesn't work so I can't select to boot from my USB. Anybody got some tips for me to try out?

Please help.

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